Sh*t happens

Storehouse is closing! I had to pack my bags and find a new site to park myself at. I wonder what lesson Universe is showing me this time.

Things don’t always happen the way the way we like, but it always moves us to a higher platform than we were before. Now that it has closed, and that I have experienced working on WordPress, it is time to give WP another go in my personal accord!

I recall our blogging days – days when xanga first started, and then blogspot, and then blogspot and wordpress getting banned in China. Wow, thanks to my very progressive friends, I have always been in touch of these trends in their budding stages.

The days when I could use the technology, yet my brains and heart could not grapple with the fact of being exposed to a societal circle beyond the monkeys. Where strangers read my digital diaries. Where I tried to come to terms with virtually facing these strangers and their presence. Where I blogged my heart out and then tried to cover my traces. What a strange phenomenon.

I am still not a social media person, but I guess I have *finally* conquered myself, and can ‘heck care’ people knowing more about me – my thoughts, my quirks, my contradictions.

There is a time for everything.

I guess it’s time I step fully out of the closet! I am starting to see the muse in me, my life. The one Ms Phang told me about, the one that many wise people saw, while I stand shrouded, and clouded, by an air of fear.


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