Beautiful skies

The skies have been amazing these few days, with a glow and luminescence that I did not manage to capture with my phone, but with my naked eyes I did. As pearlescent as pearly gates can be.

Today’s a rainbow – not a rainbow across the sky, but the sky itself is one. And of course that glow so captivating it brought me away from the screen of codes to the the screen of buildings where I had to peer between.

I miss Mae Sot. I really do. I miss Grace Garden, that (nauseatingly) beautiful Drive down the hills of Noh Bo. I miss guessing cards with Kara on our long drives to the city and back. I miss saying hi to guards and making silly jokes and guesses about the layers of military checks.

As I gaze into the colours of the skies, I realize now what it means – home is where the heart is. Since Mae Sot days, I have always felt that that is where I can truly call home – I am equally bewildered. How is that so, when I have spent only a mere four months stint there. I have lived many years in many places, yet MS just feels like #home. But now I know and experienced – I had finally felt home in my heart. Therefore, now even as I stare in blank awe at the skies behind the concrete jungle #singapore – the birthplace I had always been repulsively rejecting despite all the rational list of how great a country to be born into), I feel that homeliness. Finally.

In spite of my mom loudhailer-ly talking in the background and my dad in his matter-of-fact dampener tone commenting that ‘skies like that just means it’s going to rain’. I am actually feeling that #home. I really have Evlyn to thank – I remember exclaiming something like “wow, it doesn’t feel that bad being on earth now” to her one fine day.

Achievement unlocked. 🙂

Achievements can be something so intangible yet it fills up the whole world. I learn something new everyday~

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