Laziness breeds creativity

This has been a guiding principle through a large part of my life. It still is, and I think it may have been the greatest (productive) life value my parents instilled in us. My dad takes great pride in keeping to minimal steps to get anything done. That pride burns in our family line – just watch the little ones do little weird things to make life effortless.

Architects (/designers, in my general sweeping statement) work too hard. Just look at this gem of a piece, teaching architects how to strike a balance. I still see mid-career ones doing that, some even taking pride in “we work real damn hard”, or “I am damned stressed”, as if they are – happeningly – rocking it. It’s their lives, not mine, but I really see huge potential for change as a profession!

I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by high-flying mentors who show me by their example that life can be super darn enjoyable while they achieve topping their worlds. And of course, I am also super darn thankful that they throw me reminders when I start leaning onto the dark side.

From the technical aspect, it only serves the world well that designers are lazy by nature! Empathy is a key foundation in any design process. I fully empathize with the fact that human beings are lazy by nature. Because I am so. We design to serve human beings, including their weaknesses, and henceforth, an anthropocentric design should cater for the simplest route to getting something done. Whatever the goal is, be it reaching the shopping cart, or saving a certain information, or even just merely getting in touch with a piece of info. It has to be effortless ~

Too many choices out there, people. If you don’t make it easy enough, they go somewhere else. I would. I have no patience for nonsense. Hmm. Okay, I have a somewhat high tolerance level for nonsense, but I have no patience to go through convoluted processes, especially when I know it could have been right behind that veil.

There is also so much intelligence out there. The motto ” if you can’t convince them, confuse them ” no longer works – stop taking people for idiots. All the silly beliefs about cooking up information to make it look substantial is a plain waste of time. The maker’s time, and the user’s time. If you make me see the same piece of information two times, after i wasted the energy of lifting my fingers and clicking ten times, that’s it. Bye mate. Unless you have brilliant excellent secrets to share that can allow me to sleep in all day or sip cocktails by the beach without a worry.

My fingers ache from typing, and I am looking for magic elixir to prevent any possibility of carpal tunnel. SO, making me stretch my finger that little inch more, or to lift it a couple more times, is just too much work. I am pretty sure this rule applies to a huge proportion of the population. 😉

Simple is as simple does.


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