I enjoy a sabbath once every month, and it’s a great way to recharge.


Dangers of Channelling

My mind must have been pretty worked up last night, that even Spirit stepped in to give me a card Humour. Thanks, mate. I Trust You. That card was picked in the darkness of the night, my light was already off, ready for bed.

What gives?

Just had the most unconnected meditation in my life. Yet there was someone who verbalized so many insights for me, and another with the same overview. Hmmmm. Must have a hidden lesson somewhere.

The hunt for an elusive peace

I nearly fainted. I went out for a drink and then came back with a reinforced idea that this is truly a room filled with chaotic angers. That smell. I am not just talking about sweaty bodies, it is a smell of frustration. Pungent, acute smell of exasperation.


There must be a reason why God wants me to stay at home today.


I wonder if people think about turning back the clock. And how often?

Deer me

“And remember… never mistake gentleness for weakness in yourself or others.”

Fussy versus Carefree

My fussiness is starting to surface. It is such a good example of the earlier-mentioned spiral of rising consciousness.

Is Depth analogous to Abyss?

Maybe the diff lies in the bottomlessness. There are some things so deep you just do not know where or whether it ends. Yet there are also some things so deep that you cannot reach it, but you know it ends somewhere.

Feast on the full moonlight

It is the full moon again! Beautiful glowing ball of light in the sky, nestled in an iridescent halo. Matches my moonstone perfectly.

Soul Mate

Just bought a moonstone ring from a white-shirted burly guy with rolled up sleeves, sharing a conversation on universal laws, stones, energies, and and the physics / science behind them.