Just got home from a really long meditation session. But a good insightful one. Shared with the big class today (11!!) and also caught up with Shirley and told her about all the magical things that happened after the horrendous week of solstice+fullmoon+manyotherplanetaryalignmentstuff.

I do not mean to blog much this post, but just document a message that came into my meditation that I cannot make out at the moment.

“You will break even in September.” I don’t remember asking about finances or company matters. This message popped in more than three times in that sitting, and it popped in again just now, thus I am formally jotting it down here.

The last time I got some cryptic ‘out-of-topic’ message was the container port thingee I wrote in storehouse. Amazing how now, in retrospect I understand what it meant. That meditation was a prayer to ask about the status of a project, which did not give me an answer but showed me the container port which clearly is not an answer to my question. That afternoon, the client replied no-go. Instead another big project came in that got us really busy. I suppose that was the container port.

“Break even in sept” – I am hoping that it means we are going to strike it big in the next two to three months. ๐Ÿ˜€

We shall see. ๐Ÿ™‚


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