Tuning in

Oops, I did it again. I think I ‘accidentally’ channeled again today.

Had a lot of fun doing tarot readings today, it is starting to turn out to be second nature! Trust is such an important word to remember. I used to think and wonder whether something is appropriate before I say it out. First with my conscious analytical mind. Then I start to ask ‘upstairs’ before saying it out, not before using the analytical mind to filter it first.

But the best method thus far is to just say whatever comes to sense (not just mind). Trust the message, messenger! I learnt to put little caveats from my conscious mind ‘I don’t understand, but it is saying yaddleyaddleyaddle’, and the turnout is always either it resonating with the asker, or I come to realization after flipping the rest of the cards.

It is a great analogy of my life – how I only see the picture in retrospect, yet I need to heed that ‘advice’ while heading helterskelter to get to that point. A point I can turn around in awe, a pat on the back, ‘how the heck did I get here?’ Tarot cards are such a wonderful philosophical framework for understanding life.

I really enjoy it. Looking back 6 years, who would have thought I would even touch a deck of any play cards?

Looking back 6 years, I see many miraculous milestones that I would never have imagined. The first spiritual reading (angmoh style) told me it will be my communication tool. I had no guts to try (its accuracy scares me!), but Karin introduced me to the gentle cutesy version of angel cards, then fairy cards, then animal cards and then all sorts of funny complex ones. And one I relied on a lot, cos of its insanely clear structure.

Until one day 2 years ago, Yan said, ‘oh, is that tarot?’ Ah well, the guises Universe puts through. Indeed, it is. And so I started letting down my guard and embarked on retail therapy for gorgeous creative expressions – so many different styles expressed in different depths and from different perspectives – all on the same base structure. I love it.

Oneness, yo. Universal language. ❤


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