Masses | Messes?

Not sure what to make of this, but the world is really different today. All around the world, and in my own backyard. Undecided whether it is good or bad, as with everything else there are always pros and cons to any one thing. Plus, whether it is good or bad, that is how things are churning out, we will just have to learn to live in this new world.

Just read a news article, a really lengthy one with our train service provider almost putting up its defense to the public. It is so different from colonial days (as retold by my dear dad) when the government or any civil servant is *almost* kingly to the commoners. [I still find it hard to believe, so let’s take it as a fictitious exaggeration for now]. Singapore, where I live, is not known to have a transparent government. Instead, I have always felt an air of condescension ‘let us decide for you, we know better’. So, this tone in the article is almost apologetic (or maybe I am still sensing the energies of the previous minister), or put in better light – finally attempting to answer to the public.

Maybe I have been out of Singapore too long and never paid much attention until social media activity started to annoy me. Trained as a planner, it gets on my nerves when keyboard warriors make unqualified remarks that obviously do not consider the full picture, but instead just nitpicking on the tiny but jarring mistakes. Yet, at the same time, I feel relieved that people are finally starting to step up and demand for information that we should have access to. I do not really want to touch on rights right now, cos it’s a huge big hole to get sucked into, on a blog I hoped to keep lighthearted.

The same with #brexit. Huge jolt to the world – sure wake people up, but to people like me, I really don’t know what to think of it. Wake up, to what? People get their say – some take it seriously, some do it for the LOLs, some do not even bother and then complain about it. And of course the blardey misleading politicians. This situation is a Nine of Swords on a massive scale.

I am really afraid of the US elections. But then again, what gives? The world is messy enough, getting messier can’t make it any worse, right? I’m pretty sure it can, but you get my drift.

Individuals will increasingly have to depend on themselves – to think, to decide, to find solutions, to look for ways. This is a form of empowerment in a way, isn’t it? We have given our power away while shaking our legs in the comfort zone.

In spiritual evolutionary terms, if we look back around the 2012 transition, that is the time we start to gain direct access to universal knowledge – the time when we are empowered to think for ourselves, rather than depend on spiritual leaders to tell us what He wants us to know. Does this not look like a similar situation in the material world?

So the pattern has emerged. Let’s see how more thoughts unravel, and I will then fill in the gaps.

Heavy stuff. :/ Let’s recap the twitter exchange in SF for the LOLs to lighten things up.

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