The vessel I walk this Earth in

As I experience more planes of existence, I can finally appreciate how so many learned teachers explain the benefits of having a physical body this life. And the importance of honoring it by taking good care of our health.

We take too many things for granted, until we see the lack thereof. I used to think to myself, how lucky angels are, to be able to float around being appreciated and adored by human beings all the time; without a worry about getting food in stomach, or how to talk to the annoying client at the upcoming meeting. And of course deities flying around and appearing / disappearing at will. And be adored by everyone.

After my two years timeout from the buzz of the human reality, I am regaining a stable foothold in this earthly realm. After two years of extreme peace from the outside world, and struggling to find an underlying logic to my inner world, I start to understand how this physical vehicle helps us develop ourSelves in the larger scheme of things. Each time I calmly cross a threshold of human madness, I give my Self a fist bump that I am one level up.

It is a mirror that is constantly shining back at us. Shining sounds too positive a word for something that reflects our shadow selves, but well, for the lack of a better word. My health and issues had been a poignant journey marker to guide me on the divine path. From vegetarianism, to having to eat meat, and then to the realization that there is nothing wrong with eating meat (ethical methods only though) are huge steps to consciousness and awareness of how the world works. It is beyond food, but the comprehension of purpose, of intuition, of acceptability, of society, of beliefs, of spiritual paths.

From resistance, to acceptance, to an entry into an alternative existence that we can change the physical elements that we thought we inherited and had to live with. And then back to the science of how there are clinical studies and empirical evidence that our prior knowledge had not captured – that we can change what we originally thought we could not. I would not even have explored this space of knowledge had it not been for the pursuit for answers to our existence.

Life is a cycle. It is a spiralling cycle. I remember someone reminding me that life goes up and down all the time, and it is important to remember that the next time we are “down”, we are already higher up the spiral. What a concise and simple explanation to growth of consciousness.


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    You broadened my mind with a beautifully written post!

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