Tools of the Trade

I feel so grateful to have been exposed to energy healing – not just for the perspective it brings me, but all the tools that come with it.

Do you know that #gratitude is a really good tool for changing the environment around you? The shift is unbelievably great. And instantaneous. I was grouching today, grumbling away like an old lady angsty about her age. Then for some weird reason, I suddenly thought of how lucky I am to be exposed to energy healing, and can so quickly release negativities and rebalance myself. At that moment, I could feel the whole vibration around me suddenly raised, and I felt so thankful! Then all worries and grunts went out of the 2d window. It is hard to explain how a vibration shift feels – but you know it when it happens.

It just take that split second of coming to terms to a change in perspective, once you catch hold of how that other perspective exists. Just look at that tiny morsel of food – there are so many ways of looking at it. To a hungry person, that is disgustingly not enough. To a person hungry for bragging rights, that is the appetiser of a michelin star restaurant prepared by the chef himself in a restaurant out there in France, Burgundy in fact. To the gluten-intolerant hungry to the core, my only focus was whether or not to eat it. I gobbled it up, naturally. Eat first, think later. Not without capturing a picture of it, with so much contemplation of its potential meaning, first.

Anyway, after the above paragraph of passive-aggressive bragging which absolutely soothes my nerves, I still had to get out of my room. Even though my work is virtually communicated via a different set of Windows, there is still some dense chaotic energies lingering around. It is too late to sing my bowl, so… I took a little walk around my neighbourhood to ground myself and now that I feel like a fresh towel, and can wait to sing my bowl tomorrow morning.

Happy Hari Raya.

My head still aches, but my Kirtan Kriya challenge is still on~ woohoo. Sa ta na ma – my other tool to retaining sanity. And balance.

I learnt it here, and you can check it out here.


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