Heart Song

Tried to make my heart sing, but it came out in chokes. What the heck!

We learnt an exercise in Theta class to let out the sorrows in our heart – the accumulation of stories over time, through past lives, and this life too. It comes in tones, and drones out, mine in bits and pieces. My rational mind says I have to breathe, and my breath is short. My heart says, your breath can’t be that short, and can’t possibly break into such unpredictable beats.

First the tones came out in low, flat notes. And they got a little higher, but still flat. And then they start to form tunes, though still broken. And flat. Maybe it takes a while more of release to make them normal-behaving tones. I will be going through this exercise more formally (under the coach’s eyes!) next weekend. Boy, am I excited!

Tell me my heart story! ❤

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