The ability to distinguish one taste from another – from the same plants, just over different years; 24, one after another, in one morning. That is exemplary, and actually possible. Maybe just a little tipsy after.

I love oracle cards. For how they have brought me to that thin fine line of understanding between one word and another. Words that normally would have been used interchangeably.

Emotional granularity is really useful for us to navigate within ourselves! I started this experience with tarot (e.g. Justice vs Judgment), and then through Theta (e.g. Compassion vs Servitude) and then finetuning my choice of words (rather than just ‘sian’ – a Singlish term to blanket-describe all kinds of emotions).

I picked the “Protection” card today. Wisdom of the Avalon, the deck is named. This is the second time this marker appeared for the same question I asked. Who protects who? Does the need for protection imply a co-dependency? It probably does not. If it does, probably Burden would have appeared instead.

Maybe the co-existence is Universe’s way of protecting either/both of us. One way of reading is that we need protection right now because we are transiting from one phase to another. While we strengthen ourselves or acclimatise to the change in frequency. For either one or both of us. I buy this theory more than the others (A protects B or B protects A vs Comfort Zone vs protection from the other party et cetera).

I have asked the same question in ten thousand ways, and the Universe has replied with .. Almost congruent answers. Vague as vague can be – “hang in there. Will let you know when it’s time”. Pretty much, “you are protected, don’t worry”. Or, “you are on the right track, will let you know when it’s time to make a U-ee”.

A clearer message just came through! Baby bird grows wings. Baby bird flaps wings. Baby bird’s anxious to fly. But baby bird has not really flown yet, and while baby bird concentrates all energies on lifting its winds, a vulture flies past and gobbles it up. Wow. Mother bird watches. Mother bird guards. Saw this imagery a few times, but the correlation only appears this moment.

Thanks mates. I hear you. 🙂

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