Senses and sense-ability 

The title got me there. I did a quick google on the well-known literature to have a refresher eyes on the storyline and characters. No recollection of it, it is time to go back to the books!

Weekend is a spiritual breather for me, a break from the hustle bustle of tasks after tasks and how to politically maneuver myself while maintaining peace all around. I am starting to see there is no good or bad to it. Once we withhold (more like release) judgement, one cannot exist without the other. One cannot fully understand the feeling of peace, without having understood the feeling of chaos. Duality. I don’t know if duality exists only in the human world, or maybe duality just is. The next goalpost, maybe.

Meditation was really amazing today. I learnt about heightened senses. It is not a bad thing afterall. My family (yes, conditioned beliefs) has always sort of grumbled about my sensitivity every darn thing – food, dust, sounds, people. Well, we can choose to see it at fussiness, or we can see it as sense-ability. Great revelation to save my skin. 😀

I smelt sandalwood filling the room today, and then the whole vibration of the physical space change. I could hear messages that we are all-knowing. We have it all in us. Okay, the exact words being “that is why you have such heightened senses”. People always talk about sixth sense, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and all the clairs. I totally buy into this concept that we have extra senses – third eye to see beyond, hearing messages, touch of more than the physical. I used to think they are separate ‘parts’ in our body (be it physical or etheric), but today I realized they could well be referring to the same physical body parts, but at a different frequency from the earthly ways we have been using them.

We are really radios!! Walking around earth in our invisible antennas! Which also means that there really are different planes of existence co-existing, maybe in one dimension or maybe in many. We just need to tune in to whichever. I don’t really know how to cleverly tune in to what I need / want at the moment, there appears to be something more divine helping me do that.

Whoosh. A huge wave of realization this is.

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