Universe throws messages in our face when we do not pay enough attention. I got the same message three times yesterday, and one more time this morning.

“Let me see the physical manifestation, please!” I pray to God. “Soon.” Or “Now!” I add.

During our Ek Ong Kar meditation, mine started out sooo beautifully, me and this dude holding hands and swinging into the Light. Sunlight. So, it is that physical plane being referred to!

Then, I got the “Spend Some Quality Time Together” from the Whsipers of Love deck. What got me was the image of the card. That lovingness and trust and connection, and the physical touch exactly like what I saw in the meditation. With a light too, but this time, by the moon.

After half a day, my itchy fingers grabbed a card from Shirley’s deck of Archangel Power Tarot, and I got Ace of Raphael!  “A positive, new emotional experience. Fulfilling romantic relationships. Deep and lasting spiritual insights.”

Woohoo~ three cards of the same energies, when my question was very general, i.e. Not specifically asking about romance.

And this morning, I got …. *drum rolls* Marriage card from the Magical Messages from the Fairies deck! This image is, once again, very similar imagery from the day before! This time with many fairies joining the celebration “the fairies join you in celebrating wedded bliss”. Haha, the only caveat is that the question I asked was for the fairies to give me a message for my inner circle whatsapp group. Ah well, I hope it means these angels are the fairies celebrating my wedded bliss. ❤

Anyhow, in case words cannot provide that joy, bliss and love I’m feeling in the abovementioned, here is a music video that reflects exactly that! The boundless nature, upbeat rhythm, pure innocent notes of the ukulele are the nuances that fill in the finer details of the energies of what I felt. It also reminds me that the Autumn card came with one of readings! “那个凉凉的深秋” meaning that cool autumn-ness. It possibly also means the time of harvest, when I reap the results of what I had done (possibly without knowing too *rolls eyes*). Or maybe just plainly Harvest – it has come to be because of the seeds I had sown. Or maybe just simply Abundance – I am enjoying the fulfilment of what is my divine birthright.

Show me, thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

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