Has it ever occurred to you that Pepper are berries?

I muttered so many ‘Oh Yea?’ under my breath as I typed the title. Pepper has no plural! If they are peppers, they would be fruits!

Such useless revelations. But their awesomeness throws me off my chair.

I have always thought juniper berries look like pepper berries. Taste somewhat like them too. Except maybe one’s Asian, and the other’s Western. More useless revelations – should food growing be something based on climatic and environmental influences instead? And, why the heck were the British so into pepper, why not juniper berries? Exotic Asian spices driving international trade in the 18th century? And how would juniper berries taste if they were dried and ground. 😀

Asians living in Asia reading my blog may not even have heard of juniper berries, unless they use essential oil? A Canadian dude I met while traveling was Surprised (with a capital S) when I was commenting on something and juniper berry came into the conversation. He knows Malysian cuisine better than I do, so we had an enjoyable discussing food. Yumz. Let me know if this is a sweeping statement, cos my social circle isn’t all that big.

I really should do some background check on the etymology of pepper. It probably makes rich cultural learning for its cross-cultural context of international trade. Anyhow, black pepper, white pepper, and the numbing Szechuan pepper are peppercorns, which are berries. The mistaken vegetables – green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper – are pepper fruits. Like Chilli.

Wow. And all these years I have only pondered the difference between white pepper (powder) and black pepper (cracked).

Thanks to the Black Pepper EO card I sneakily and hastily picked on my way out of Shirley’s. 😉

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