A matter of perspective

So I finally resonate with the daily prompt. Does a storm in a teacup imply that something is overblown – that however big it appears, it is no more than a teacup? Or that it is undermined – the storm is too hard for a tiny teacup to bear?  Just another half-empty or half-full rhetoric.

I have been really hardworking on the spiritual path these couple of weeks, attending yoga classes and meditations. But, as I start to share more about my epiphanies and my gut feelings about things, I get a sense of inner resistance ‘who is this tempestuous girl shooting her mouth off?’.

Uncertain whether I should watch my social behaviour so as not to overstep the boundaries and fall into the trap of attention-seeker, or really let go of this belief / restraint and Just Be. Life is really about getting closer and closer to finding that exact thin fine line. And probably finding that it is in fact, Nothingness.

*shrugs* I won’t know till I get there. Another conditioned belief to let go off? It is really a never ending cycle of learning. Just be careful not to end up second-guessing. Onward, my friend!

That is why situations and people, however ‘good’ or ‘bad’, are good for us. I would not have pondered this question had I not been uneasy about somebody’s energies towards me. If it repeats with three different people, it is a pattern to be spotted and resolved. First one, was face to face, and with digging work, outright judgement in my face. I sensed it, and Creator verified it (through the mouths of others, of course). It had to be through others for me to buy the story, strange but true (maybe another belief to replace?). Then another one, two or three times in a row, which was why I am wondering about whether I am being too gregarious about sharing. And, a third is recollection from a year ago, somehow the person popped up in a conversation, and the energies at the mention of the name reminded me of his comment on my sharing. A year ago, mind you, and in black & white!

Something to meditate on. After the Big Day tomorrow. Or maybe it is something surfacing, so that I can clear during this weekend’s theta class.

Ah well, we shall see. Whether it is a Storm in a teacup or a storm in a Teacup.

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