The hands that built

Two mentors, one on each side – I am so blessed. And three whiskeys later … Here I am ~

It has been an amazingly calm day! Prayers and manifestation really do work! The event went on smoothly, maybe some hiccups about whether there is enough food.

I guess that is why the rhetoric about life is ultimately how you perceive it. After the seminar event, I went off for drinks with the seniors in a really beautiful chill shophouse next door, to chat up a pioneer whom I have already chatted with at the event, without realizing who he is! That is me, ever so nonchalant about status, although there are times I wish I am not-so-ditzy.

I heard from others at our mini party, that someone’s really sour about me. Not even bitter, but sour. Not sure which is better, but they are definitely different. She went around complaining about me over really small trivial mattersĀ – no reservation sign at the front row, the name tent at the podium fell off, i am not sure what else she complained about.

I have no idea. Ignorance is indeed a bliss. I was just focused on getting things done, that I had no concern for any of such distractions. This shows very purely the idea of receptor in the law of attraction. Had I been concerned about wtf she was saying about me, I would be focused on listening out for what she was saying about me. And we all know how sharp my hearing can be. It may also be thanks to the Joy oil i applied all over before I left the house.

Well, well well. There are just sooooo many ways to view a situation. I am glad I got to meet another pioneer and enjoy drinks at his office. My life had revolved only around one, I am so darn thankful that i get to meet many othersĀ during this brief period. By pioneer, I refer to the pioneering generation that built Singapore. The very group of people who turned Singapore from a sleepy colonial town / port into a first world country. So lucky am that I had my career foundation built on one guided by THE person attributed, and even luckier now that I have the good fortune to meet the rest of the team and hear the real stories.

Extremely thankful for life. And extremely grateful that I got to know Him and his guidance for the goods and bads I run into this life.


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