Soul Mate

Just bought a moonstone ring from a white-shirted burly guy with rolled up sleeves, sharing an interesting conversation on universal laws, stones, energies, and and the physics / science behind them.

I am really really impressed at the synchronicity of events. This may be the angel’s assurance that I am on the right track. I did a theta class on soul mates over the weekend, and did many exercises on belief work, downloads and releases.

There are so many programs running in the background that we are unaware of. Who would have thought that ‘having a soul mate is embarrassing’, or that ‘relationships make me stupid’?! I am really thankful for the tools to uncover the layers burying these beliefs, and to replace them with more neutral / positive ones! We also did a Heart Song exercise that sang out the weirdest sounds through tones in our voice… I sensed sorrows, and helplessness more than anger and resentment though, they are probably released in layers as well. Our souls really went through a lot!

I was so tired that both days, I totally knocked out in the bus on my way home. Even today, I was dozing off in the morning and afternoon, despite sleeping 12hours in the night. The exercises were probably deep release work, and the soul and physical body were exhausted at a level the conscious mind cannot grasp.

Images I saw on the last day include calm waters with dolphins jumping playfully around as I cupped my hands and called out ‘coo-ee’ and a guy on a boat turned around to face me. The same energies appeared at the next exercise, running out of a shophouse to chase after and talk to me. White shirt, sleeves rolled up, tall, tanned, dark hair, seemingly busy with financials before I caught his attention, and seemingly involved in development work. Someone else saw the white shirt with rolled up sleeve, two others noticed the tan, and all said he is taller than me.

Ah well, I got my moonstone ring now, shall continue on the ten-day homework and see who shows up!

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