Feast on the full moonlight

It is the full moon again! Beautiful glowing ball of light in the sky, nestled in an iridescent halo. Matches my moonstone perfectly.

The full moon is easy on me this round – I just slept through it over the last three nights; say no to emo~ no upheavals, even the meditation was so calm and stable, to the point when I do not feel energy at all! It is such a different feeling, I do not know what the variables are, nor what they mean!

Someone described it as business-like. Yes, I agree – there is a ‘no-nonsense’ feel to it. It was accredited to a businesswoman who joined us tonight, well we guessed that she is doing this for the business aspect, rather than for what it is. Nope, no problem with that, my curiosity just needed to find that variable.

There is no fluffy cloud-like vibration this time. I do not see colours dancing in my mind’s eye. Maybe just a little. It felt like a vacuum, a crisp space, but very clean nonetheless. Extremely down to earth, not exactly earth though, maybe somewhere out there in the stillness of the Universe.

I should be glad for the business-like atmosphere, for I saw money and gold during a manifestation meditation. Wheehee~ while we were reaching out for stars to bring into our hearts, mine started evolving into clasping RMB, USD and SGD. Haha, nope, no pounds no euros. While during the lotus meditation, my pure white lotus emerged from a pot of gold!

I was too embarrassed to share my experience with the class. Ah well, but there is nothing wrong with money, it is just that people normally will not relate that to a spiritual experience. On hindsight, it is a very spiritual experience. ‘出淤泥而不染’ is a Chinese proverb describing the lotus flower, how it grew up in dirt, yet still emerged so pure and white. My lotus was definitely pure and white, growing and unfolding so gracefully out of and through the pot of sparkling gold.

I so love the stillness of today’s meditation!  Will continue feasting on the full moonlight once I get home and settle into my bed.


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