Knowledge is a double-edged sword

What a day! What a week! I have so much mixed feelings and thoughts about how everything is going.

I have always lamented how complacent Singaporeans my generation (and after) are, which was also why I chose to venture out to so many different places to explore life and to seek its meaning. Which was also why I left my steady high-flying job to explore a world without ‘ceilings’.

There are also always two sides to a coin. In comparison to the earlier generations, we really are a privileged bunch. I have been so comfortably backed by academic knowledge and firm foundations, that it feels overwhelming to guesstimate without actual quotes. My work has always been derived from projections based on prior info, almost a natural step-by-step formula.

What good is that if that is what I have been unhappy with – the rigidity and fixed framework? I am probably living merely a scaled-down version. The trendy word is (/was) disrupt, but it is difficult to a culture built on excelling via ten-year series, a.k.a finding that winning formula from spotting patterns over a historical ten years.

I was feeling exasperated prior to this, feeling un-understood (not even mis-understood), constantly called out for going too much into the details, and (more starkly out in my own words) too entrenched in routine and usual way of doing things. Writing really does put a different perspective to it.

Sometimes privilege can be a form of legacy baggage. Now I can understand how so many successful businessmen started out as paperboys or watchsalesmen. Without that baggage, one can really free themselves to trial and error, without already second guessing themselves just because the rest of the world, as we know it, do not do it that way.

Ah well. Slowly but surely. More importantly is that perspective shift. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” says Albert Einstein. I shall stop using knowledge to prove myself wrong, and instead, use imagination to explore possibilities.

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  1. says:

    Beautiful insights and beautifully written!


  2. says:

    I didn’t see how to follow you. Could you hold my hand and point me there? Thanks!


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hello! Thank you for your comments! It is heartening to hear my words matter somewhere out there in the universe. 😉 Let me try to figure how to Follow….
      Use the Reader (top left) to read, and there will be a follow button on the bottom right of each post (there’s a “…” which expands into a Follow button). If you cannot find the post, then use the Search in the reader (left column) to look for my blog.


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