Fussy versus Carefree

My fussiness is starting to surface. It is such a good example of the earlier-mentioned spiral of rising consciousness.

There came a day when someone threw a reminder “Universe gave you this gift not for nothing, you have to use it to do work”. Work, referring to healing work on people who need it. I was rather puzzled then, why I would pick this up (messages not meant for me usually just fly me by). I do a lot of healing work for people when occasion calls. When I was living in Noh Bo, I would go with Jobwa (on the pretext of collecting electricity bills) to visit the villagers and send them reiki, and through this process I also know more intimately the issues my neighbours faced. When I first started learning reiki, I would volunteer at the centre once a week to send healing to people who need it. All in all, I do not think I have wasted Universe’s gift nor have I been irresponsible / selfish / lazy with my gift.

The week after, the occasion rose, and I had to do an ‘exorcism’ on the spot. My issue started getting clearer! Not doing work with the gift refers to my fussiness as to whom I give healing to! I do not like low vibrations, nobody likes them, I pretty much shun them. Well, I have pretty much deliberately programmed myself to only tune in to high and higher vibrations.

Honestly, I do not know what to do with this situation. I am very comfortable where I am, being in my world of happy energies. Why would I want to relinquish such a cushy position?

I was very uncomfortable with someone yesterday. I had to seal myself in a protective ball of light to keep her energies out. YET, she is supposed to be a really good channeller with a higher purpose but she has much baggage to clear. I have no idea, I was just feeling very protective of my ‘clean space’.

There may / must be some issue lurking around that I need to pull out and clear. Open my heart? More compassion? Less judgemental? Or maybe my intuition about the  person is right too?

I spent a good two years learning to find and draw my boundaries. Looks like it is time to learn how to make it less uptight.

Fussiness vs Carefree. In a way, with fussiness, we can also be carefree within that framework.

So, the real question behind / below may be: do I really want to restrain myself inside a frame?

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