Deer me

Feeling directionless, I spent quite some time up on the seventh plane last night, contemplating about (more like For) direction in the safe reassuring space of the Creator of All That Is.

Sometimes we look too hard for answers to questions that do not exist. Questions I was asking range from ‘am I too passive’, ‘why am I not moving (fast enough)’, ‘show me what I can be looking into’, ‘what lessons am I learning here’ (i.e. this situation), ‘should I even (allow myself to) be in this situation’ to ‘what belief system is holding me back this time?!’.

I have been so grateful to having learnt this theta method, yet at the same time, it really takes wisdom and experience to pull out the right thing. Amazingly, once up there in the seventh plane, all is wise. I always managed to get the message(s) as to what is best in Creator’s perspective.

This time, all I get is a blank. Yet His space feels so still and calm, like everything is alright and in the right place. That does not address my earthly problem though. I need something solid.

So I picked a physical card. Oh, deer me. It says gentleness and diplomacy. I could have teared my eyes and heart out. It is so easy to lose the big picture as we spiral up up and away. Through theta, I had reclaimed much of my boundaries, energetic and physical, and I had reclaimed much of my power. So many limited beliefs changed and replaced for the better. I was wondering why I am not behaving ‘powerfully’. So the Wisdom of Avalon┬áreads,

“And remember… never mistake gentleness for weakness in yourself or others.”

“It is important that you be gentle with yourself as well, for you may be heading into a period where you are unsure of your footing, or just coming out of a difficult situation.” The former definitely holds true, hence the earlier posts of contemplative questions.

Googled for more information on deer as a totem animal, and here are some characteristics which are useful advisory for my current state of emotions: “power to deal with challenges with grace”. No wonder I did not feel anything when I asked to download “ability to face and deal with challenges with ease and grace” – the exact words I used! “Art of being both determined and gentle in your approach” – true that too. “Being gentle does not mean being defenseless” – there were instances when I was sort of concerned / wondering about whether I could have stood my ground my solidly. “Ability to be vigilant, move quickly, and trust your instincts to get out of the trickiest situations” – yes to all of that, it rings so true, I just got a call to bring my focus to something else, so I really have to Trust the divine timeliness of ideas and solutions. And so the warning “tendency to be overly cautious sometimes” (because of the constant lookout for predators, and takes time to trust someone or feel safe. Hah! That is why I hang out on the seventh plane!

And the perfect reassurance – “you can achieve ambitious goals and tackle difficult situation smoothly with a touch of gentleness and grace”. I had always equated ambition with aggression, and I was so worried whether I was too ambitious and how I am going to tackle the situation, especially when I am not getting anywhere near frantic nor (aimlessly) active with the situation. There was something in me that says I can do it, while at the same time, there is also something in me that responds with ‘but you aren’t moving’!

Side notes on other characteristics I have yet to comprehend its applicability: love and harmony, wisdom and innocence, fresh perspective on old issues, life regeneration, sensitivity and intuitive powers.

References from here, the contents which more or less repeats all over the rest of the google searches.


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