There must be a reason why God wants me to stay at home today.

This line keeps popping in my head – therefore I’m writing this post instead of waiting till I have completed my urgent ppt.

I was already packed and all ready to leave the house, and the rain came down. Hard. Not exactly stormy, but enough to stop any sane person from stepping out of her sanctuary. It is rather abnormal, cos I usually have that fantastic fortune of missing rains and storms by split seconds. I have so much trust in Creator’s timing and guidance that I hardly bring umbrellas out, unless the guidance comes in the message of ‘bring brolly’ or ‘a different pair of shoes please’.

It happened over the weekend too, turned out that I had to rush out a contract for a revived project. Woohoo~ I wonder what is up today! I have already checked my MacBook – the files I think I need are already in there, so it is probably a new surprise.

I was woken up this morning by my mom loudly instructing babyboo to check on Jiujiu (Chinese salutation for maternal uncle) and why he isn’t getting ready for work. Oh man, that must have been around quarter to eight at its latest. I did not stir but was consciously awake, and (sub+)consciously feeling lots of energies moving through my body. The next time I gained consciousness, it was already quarter to nine.

The first time it happened was in 2012. My entire body trembled as though I was experiencing electrocution at an extremely fine scale. I spun in my bed, 360degrees, many times. That was also the period when I could see static electricity as sparks – fireworks at a personal scale. That was also the first time I learnt of Ascension, in a non-mathematical context.

This morning my body felt like a really solid tree (lie-ing in bed, not exactly the kind of imagery one can come out with!), and currents flowed through from my crown to my root, through my legs and out. With ease and grace, so this is how ease and grace feels like!

Maybe this is why He held me back home. To write this! The rain has stopped, the storm has passed.

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