What gives?

The unstoppable flow of questions. Where are the answers? I sat baffled, and sulking, as I ease my healing crisis.

Just had the most unconnected meditation in my life. Yet there was someone who verbalized so many insights for me, and another with the same overview. Hmmmm. Must have a hidden lesson somewhere.

It is rather strange, cos I have been tapping into the Seventh with almost immediate effect everytime. Yet this evening, it was an hour of chakra balancing and it took a group healing before I could feel the connection. Baffling. I really wonder what this is all about. “All is Well. Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.” Tsk??????

My mind has been rather boggled with the earthly realm this week, with two major projects that are half-in | half-out like the Universe is teasing me. So yea, I was subconsciously begrudging the Universe for not dropping it like its hothothot on my lap. Smack right on my lap. Serve it to me on a silver platter! My divine birthright to abundance!!!!! Oh man, it feels satisfying to exclaim it right out. ❤

Forgiveness flashes in my face from then on. I was very touched about how forgiving Creator is. So many times, I had thrown my little tantrums and ‘thrashed it out’ with Him. Yet all I feel is Love and that Wisdom that there is a reason for everything (which I only understood in retrospect). Mother Earth is so forgiving too, we have given her so much crap by the way of our living, yet she still accepts whatever negativities we ground. But then again, she manages to transmute them! In a way, it is a form of helping her download Universal light by us little transformers, and the convert them to better use, such as unconditional love.

That still does not answer nor resolve my question! How is it that I am not optimizing my gifts and energies! What is it that I am supposed to do or can do better? Reversed Six Cups = push back the narrowness that folds in over time and to re-rememberthe open-mindedness of a child’s perspective. If it is all the lessons on opening the heart, I am trying already! Look, I went for class today. And I opened my heart and ears to listening without switching off or shutting down. Maybe the keyword is Mind.

Hmm. In fact. Wow, I didn’t switch off today!

Okay, 到底要我serve什么啦?Show me, thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done.

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