Dangers of Channelling

My mind must have been pretty worked up last night, that even Spirit stepped in to give me a card Humour. Thanks, mate. I Trust You. That card was picked in the darkness of the night, my light was already off, ready for bed.

So I had a good sleep, albeit having to wake up at 2am to clear my bowels. There is a lot of release over a few times – cramp first, stomach growls, and then a long long wait later, some release. Maybe that is how life works in terms of lessons too. Some pain, some deliberation, some drama, and then after some time lag, some catalytic comprehension to spark that cycle all over again. Ouch.

This morning, the thought unrelenting, I picked four cards. Gist of it – live in the now, make the best of life, and trust my intuition. It was helluva good reminder, give people the space to live their lives and speak their truth, but remain clear that what is their truth now may not be my truth now. It sounds contradictory, because Truth as truth, should not have shades. The shades arise from human comprehension. Just like Time is time, but not time as human beings comprehend.

Instead of concentrating on finishing my project, I suddenly got the feeling to look up dangers of channelling, and I find this to be a good guide.

Gifts we take for granted. Take for granted, referring to the fact that although I am deeply thankful for this ability to make so much sense out of nonsense, I did not realise how profound this gift actually is.

Universe gives us Pure Love. Our physical bodies serve as the vessel. We need to learn to use it as a vessel. The danger lies in the human’s interception, which really takes cultivation to attain a certain level of Wisdom. The guileless in me wants to believe that we can let the Pure Love flow untainted, but truth be told, not all vessels are clean, however they choose to portray that. More importantly, it is not of any use to open a pandora’s box without offering solutions. Anyone can see anything, we are all psychics (each and all of us, yes), we see what we need to when we are ready. What helps is the laying of cards (figuratively) in a way comprehensible to the inquirer, and possibilities at hand, actionable ones. Life is already not easy for many, it does not help to throw them problems they cannot do anything about.

Ho. Now it makes sense.

Reminder too: it is between oneself and God. 🙂 ❤

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