I enjoy a sabbath once every month, and it’s a great way to recharge.

A very spontaneous reconciliation with my past took place last night, guided by an ascended master, chatting and talking through things I cannot remember. All the prejudices I held turned out to be prejudices I held against myself in the past. All the forgiveness I rendered turned out to be forgiveness towards myself for the limitations and judgements I obstinately upheld because of my perspective and perception then. The session ended with I Accept Myself.

What a release and what a relief.

Today’s healing session was wonderful. I was so at ease with the space and myself, that I went up to chill with the master, albeit a different one today, while my physical body enjoys the cosmic light. It feels so light to be uncaged from my own limited beliefs and small-hearted/mindedness. I could laugh and be free from apprehension that had held me so stiffly back.

I could feel the guidance so close to me today, a very keen eye over details, and learnt so many intricate strokes that never crossed my mind before. I feel so so so honored. “Do not cross (your hands)”, “further up is the higher heart chakra”, “use your eyes, your eyes can heal too”, “yes, slide your hands energetically under her neck”, “she knows, you can ask her about it later”.

Wowwee. It was amazing!

The day closed with *drum roll* the energy of a cross that appeared at the end of the session. It was so so so beautiful. I feel so safe and assured.  And I got a Sweet! Blessings abound~

Thank you for guidance, love, support, assurance and protection. ❤



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