I Dream My Little Big Dream

I want to save the world, one farm at a time.


Rainbow Sparks

From the dull stones that I brought to her place, dormant or sleepy, they are now clear and bright with rainbow sparkles as I turn them in the light.

Anxiety Pangs

It is so silly to get anxiety attacks from being worried about miscommunication, when it is really obvious that there can be no way it can be mis-read unless the other party is an utter idiot.

Intelligence From the First Plane

Been spending too much time up on the Seventh, finally exploring and getting to know the inhabitants of the Fifth, working (physically) on the Second, and obviously living on the Third.

My Miniature World

Dream big, I have always been told. But do remember, we are shaped by our view of the world.


With ease, Grace and countless blessings!

Poetic Synchronicity

3 KRs learnt KR today! Haha it sounds so good I had to write this down even though it has nothing to do with me.


Woohoo~ the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. Clarity on granularity ensues!

Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon meditation tonight was very different. This time it was flighty pricks of chaos at a very fine scale. It was the most distracting chakra balancing class I have ever attended, myself being the biggest distraction.


This word had been ringing in my head for the past few days. I had to google it, and to my surprise, it had been given such a bad name here, and applied only in its negative notion.

Pokemon No

As with all trendy-people-wannabes, I started playing Pokemon Go.

Cosmic Dark Humour

This morning, finally, I stepped out of my room, my place. And walked in the sun. And suddenly realize I am healthy! I am not sick at all. It is madness.


Wisdom resides within us!


Some beliefs are like stubborn stains, no matter how many times you scrub at it, or how long you leave it to rest before scrubbing again, or how long you soak it, they just rise to the surface and remain.


Today is an eventful day. Accidentally chanted two rounds of protection mantra in the morning, should have taken it as a prelude to how the day unfolds.

The Profundity in Us

God has created us to be profound beings, as with all His other creations. There is so much magic in all of us, and so much magic in the journey of exploring what is within all of us.


I have seen them with my naked eyes, and felt their wings on my physical skin before. Such fine energies, such fine vibrations. Earth feels so coarse and brute in comparison.