I formally invoked Archangel Michael yesterday! It felt quite funny, and upon deeper thought… errrmmm.. Oh my. How ingrained is he in my everyday life!

“Help, Archangel Michael, please stay with me!!” as I walked through dark streets. “Please please please, keep us safe” as I kayaked through whitewaters in dense mangrove swamps with rocky river beds. “Help me cut cords, please” as his majestic figure swings his gigantic sword. And each time I see any unpatched energies, it’s “Archangel Rapheal, please help fill them up with healing light”. All in these seriously casual terms. They are such loving beings!! A fellow human being would have gone, “oei, ask me nicely” or “be more respectful if you are asking for help”.

Honestly, I have no idea whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to keep asking them for help. But they always remind me to “Ask!” as they cannot appear if I do not. Evlyn told me that I am very very surrounded and protected by Angels – she had to go “excuse me, excuse me” when she tried to read my Divine Timing, having┬áto get past so many of them. How cute! How loving!

I have seen them with my naked eyes, and felt their wings on my physical skin before. Such fine energies, such fine vibrations. Earth feels so coarse and brute in comparison.

Today, I suddenly felt Archangel Uriel! It is a new realization for me, cos I have only heard of / paid attention to the more commonly named ones (Michael, Rapheal and Gabriel). I googled his name, and tada~ matches the exact traits I was pondering about. Pearls of wisdom have been rolling incessantly off my tongue lately, words that I do not remember saying, or even knowing. It has to come from a muchmuchmuch Higher being. So it is he who has been guiding me to google / scribd the precise info I need, All.The.Time!

I have always classified felicitous guidance as generally from my Light Team. Now that I can grasp better the many different facets and their granularities in life, I aspire to journey out (or in?) and understand with greater clarity Who / which energies are helping with which aspect! Right now, I am still fuzzy as to when is it Archangel Michael, and when is it my Spirit Guide, and when is it my Teacher, but I know they have been keeping me safe all this while, in their own ways.

I am excited! A brave new world awakes!

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