The Profundity in Us

God has created us to be profound beings, as with all His other creations. There is so much magic in all of us, and so much magic in the journey of exploring what is within all of us.

Shirley just sent us a clip featuring a person undergoing OBE in his/her sleep state. Oh my oh my. It utterly freaks me out. Then I remember myself, oh dear. All the time that I went up to chill with the masters, is this what happens?! OH MY. But no, I do not think so actually, I think there is a difference between the soul and the consciousness. This post is so so so going to be a constant work-in-progress, as I explore all these terms and definitions.

It is easy to tell the difference between Heart and Brain, and I absolutely love reading the comic cos it is so aligned with the struggles I face everyday. How hard is it though, to tell when is it the heart and when is it the brain? That, to me, is already a very tough one.

Okay, as with the systematic rationale of architect-planners, let me go through this in a more “geographical” manner.

Overview: Do you know that our body, as a whole, stores information beyond our current lives? That is why muscle-testing is such a useful tool in theta. All is registered in our body cells, parts, and the non-physical, but it can speak as a whole to show us the story of our lives. Minus the brain, that is. I have the tendency to laugh when we test ‘ridiculous’ beliefs (thank you brain) which turns out to exist in our system (thank you overall body).

If move from the top down, the pituitary is a database of our ancestry, that is also where we look into changing DNA. It holds the wisdom, lessons, traumas, memories our ancestors own and pass down to us. The pineal is our core, also our soul this life, which is also our intuition. It is also what we call the Third Eye. So, the satanama I practice everyday connects these two in an L-shape, I tried to make it curve, but no, it’s a determined L-shaped straight line. The funny things I do during meditation. Hah!

So we move further down to our Heart. That is where the real soul of our many lives reside. I always thought it is in the position right behind our sternum. Sunday’s session brought me to the Higher Heart Chakra, which is one palm size further up. Something I have to explore during more meditations to come.

Further down is our Gut. Not exactly the physical intestinal gut, but this space somewhere in our torso, the place where we feel butterflies in our stomachs, the place of queasiness when something is ‘off’ or ‘not right’. Through logical info mole-ing, it is depicted as the Will, the location at the Solar Plexus (chakra). I have no idea what it really does, and what kind of energy it is, and how to describe it, I only know it as the empty space for butterflies to create havocs when urgent messages need to be heard. More to explore!

To me, that is all I comprehended, sensed and felt thus far.

There is also the Kundalini at the root perineum area, which governs our physical life. But this, I have yet to sense. I have yet to sense its intelligence and wisdom, which is supposed to connect and awaken our souls to our real purpose when it slithers right up to the top and down again. Hmm. It actually makes sense, I do not understand its existence cos it still lies dormant in me. WOW. So much potential in human beings!

And of course, all the body cells that remembers everything through the many lives we went through, and I guess it can still be sort of attributed back to the pituitary command centre. But here in these cells, it is the memories that matter.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl G. Jung

One more to go: beyond us, there is still our connection to the larger collective consciousness. Hmm. Where? And even that consciousness within us, which of the above is it referring to? And which one does our Spirit Guides and the Angelic realm speak to? Me thinks Core (pineal). Place bets~ while I meditate to find the answers!

Make it two: how about Ego vs Self? I tried placing this above, but it seems to complex to cleanly fit into brain vs heart, or brain vs the rest of the body, or even current soul (core) vs the real soul. My goodness. Too many questions!

An a newly added third two weeks later: how about the inner child?

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  1. leapingtoes says:

    I was going to bookmark another question: is Soul the same as Higher Self, but found a very well-explained answer here. Soul takes charge of our many selves, and our Higher Self is the best Self we can be in all aspects.


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