Today is an eventful day. Accidentally chanted two rounds of protection mantra in the morning, should have taken it as a prelude to how the day unfolds.

Today is the day when I experienced the sturdity of Faith. And Trust. In the ascended masters, the Angels, and the goodness energies that surrounds.

Today is the day I learnt that there is no need to flee to the seventh plane, and it is already safe where I am.

Today, I witnessed. Today, I dared to witness. I cried at the end of it, not out of fear, but out of feeling so touched and so protected. And so guided.

I learnt not to judge. Not to judge myself. I ‘snapped’ at someone at the start of class, and shocked myself, and I am pretty sure shocked her too. “I don’t want to hear”, before she said anything, which her words only turned out to be “you have that prosperous look”. She looked really pretty today, I did remark when we first said hi, so I was absolutely shocked by my reaction (I believe it’s at a different level – i.e. non-physical).

I shocked myself again in the room, when I was taken aback by their conversation. I even apologized profusely for my ‘rudeness’, or what I saw myself as rudeness (I am usually a very polite person). Uncle Johnson laughed, he is used to my scaredy-cat-ness, I am glad! So I apologized that I am freshly starting out, and not really used to non-physical energies.

Oh my. So much lessons learnt today! Fear / security / protection were so booming loud during the chakra balancing, I should have expected something’s up. I was rather afraid when i heard jerks beside me, and the busybody in me wanted to peek my curious-but-scared-cat eyes. A reassuring voice with an orange tone told me not to, and to continue shining my light. The shaking got worse, I wanted to go straight up to seventh! The extremely reassuring voice gave me strength and told me to hold space and continue shining my light.

So! This is what holding space feels like! Yay, I finally understood my ‘job’. I stayed firm and held the orange light|space. And continued beaming. Haha, like a care bear shine!

Act II continues. A different one this time. While teacher talks, I saw a red energy bouncing around. Orange voice says “Look”. For the first time, I focussed on looking at energies. It was a red bouncing dense ball, and it was on my mat. Pui. Orange voice says again “Watch”. So I focussed, and I saw a blue energy, still serene but with that firm 威严. Thank you Archangel Michael, now I understand why I was prodded to change the description of you from ‘towering’ to ‘majestic’. The red ball bounces around but could not get anywhere near me.

I thought I was just being extremely distracted. Instead of listening to the Teacher, I was watching not just the energies on my mat, but the green glow across. Archangel Rapheal was doing healing work on the other side, and for once, I was focussed watching it, with my semi-naked eyes (not fully closed, not fully opened).

When the session ended, I could still feel an ache on the left of my third eye and a heaviness on the left of my head. Strange. It was a strange evening. We chatted downstairs, and it turned out that what they saw was a very angry childish energy throwing tantrums. Yikes. We went up to clear the space. Uncle Johnson did the clearing, he’s The Man! We stayed downstairs, and I told Shirley about all the stuff written as above. I cried. I was so touched by all the guidance and the assurance the masters have shown me today.

Something lighter – I was invited to tea during the session, but I turned him/them down, cos I was focussed on holding firm the energy shields. Not just mine, but the orange light|space. Maybe the next lesson will be to enjoy tea with the gurus and their triangular teacups/saucers while watching the light|space.

Oh my. What an eventful day.

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