Wisdom resides within us!

Probably a realization that will repeat time and again. Strangely so. I suppose it is a matter of accepting it in all its veils and aspects. Synchronicity rules again – we had a family sage-ing session this morning, a novelty for most of us.

Kundalini yoga yesterday was very interesting. It was an extremely grounding one, and very practical. I did not have my fluffy head in the clouds, nor chill out sessions be it over tea or just cross legged somewhere. Oddly, my eyes were closed most of the time, yet I could feel a voice or presence guiding me in my moves. Other than the fire breath when Shirley asked me to open my eyes and see how she does it.

Without the fluffy energies, I could still feel a presence. Something/someone was solidly against my right fibula. Shirley asked if it was a healing, which I did not exactly think so, although I did have a pain in my right foot since Tuesday. I could also feel a guiding voice reminding me to straighten my fingers while they were in xx mudra (I cannot remember the name). Each time I slack, the voice commanded my fingers to straighten, three times I remember. It was the same during pelvic lifts, I could feel the beauty and grace of the movement, as though the commanding voice was rolling an invisible stick to guide me into the correct posture. Haha, in comparison, now you can understand why I prefer to close my eyes and feel, rather than watch the Teacher. 😉

Shirley saw Esther undergoing healing, her mat was right beside mine, and that maybe I was very sensitive and felt his presence smacked against my leg. I also told her how good it feels to have this voice guiding me. She said it was my higher self. Why was my Higher Self healing Esther!!! She wasn’t, it was the Master healing Esther, while we were all guided by our own higher selves.

Oh my. What a beautiful picture! Wisdom does reside within, and through the yoga of awareness, it can manifest into something tangible that our earthly bodies can experience.

All praise goes to my wonderful teacher who has unlocked so much awareness into this existentialism. ❤

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