Pokemon No

As with all trendy-people-wannabes, I started playing Pokemon Go. It began with me wanting to see what this big deal is that the social media is going crazy over in the US of A. I was bored of it after one evening. Only a week later did I realise it is because my room has access to their Gym and the Pokestop, without stepping out, while people have to walk in order to catch pokemons, fight, and pick up pokestuffs. Good example how when things are too easy, we take it for granted or put very little value to it.

Hah, but to begin with, this game is really a waste of precious time. During our weekend outing, I learnt more to it ~ evolving, razzberries, and how to fight “correctly”. I have just been randomly tapping on the screen, mostly at the opponents, until my bro told me I am supposed to be tapping at my own pokemons. The game designers are really good at baiting players. The sightings panel get me everytime. If I see some new species, or something I need to evolve, I will hang on a little more. There is so much to learn from the psychology of it all.

In the larger scheme of things, the sightings panel is a little like going for a psychic reading. The psychic tells you something you do not see as yet, which sort of gives you that hope that something bright is over the horizon, which sort of tugs at your heartstrings while you impatiently waits for it to appear. I can see my battery draining away while I wait for the shadow of that stout fat species to appear, yet I still hang on to that glimmer of hope.

Ah well. Psychology very well done. And very beautiful graphics, and names.

Another learning point is they really pick up what matters. Some graphics are really well done, while the base map and the 3D stops are utter crap. It is what matters that counts, I really need to learn from that.

Other than that, it’s Pokemon No! Too distracting as I keep having my eye out for newbies on the block. To think I wrote so much about determination and commitment in the earlier blog, this game has just torn me away from productivity. Tsk! No!!

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