Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon meditation tonight was very different. I had anticipated fluffy swirling energies, but nope, this time it was flighty pricks of chaos at a very fine scale. It was the most distracting chakra balancing class I have ever attended, myself being the biggest distraction. I was feeling itchy here and there, so I was being very scratchy here and there, now and then, and slept not a wink through all the eight chakras. Pui.

I kept changing positions to ease the itches and twitches, from the lower back to the calves, to the inner thighs, to the ankles, just all over the place. I could not really focus, but then again, I usually do not focus and just fall asleep in lalaland. Saw so many random images of people, of situations, of figures, that feel very earthly and this life, but I cannot remember. The only one I remember was a hand in a certain mudra coming from ahead on my right and then right in front of my eyes.

Shirley says that mudra is for Patience and Discernment. And for the impatient tone I was asking “patient about what?!”, this is obviously handing me a tool right before my eyes. I just found from the internet that the mudra I saw was for getting rid of earaches within 4-5mins! I was trying to do that with essential oils today!! Mudras are amazing, the one I saw was thumb pressing down on the middle finger, while Shirley corrected my position to the two tips ( thumb and middle finger) touching, and tada~ there you go~ two different tools!  Well well, anyway, there have been so many inconclusive tips/warnings/guidance in my dreamstate the last few nights, this weekend is going to be full-on meditations to catch up on the decipherings.

In spite of the prickly chaos, not exactly chaotic but just too much out-of-sync frequencies today cos it’s a full class of 16 and mostly new people I am not used to, I still felt refreshed after the fidgety session. I felt a very tall energy at the diagonal between Ally’s mat and mine, and Shirley told me it was probably Yogi Bhajan, while Yinci said there was a lot of healing going on at our corner.  I usually know what is being healed, but tonight I have no idea at all. Gratitude with all my heart.

I spoke up in class today, after someone’s I relentless questions, and it was a very interesting feeling. I felt like I needed to close my eyes as I speak, which I did. While I spoke, my hand was raised in gesture on the right, while resting on my lap and facing upwards on my left. Cool energies was emitting from my left hand as I spoke. My right hand being lifted and moving as I spoke was totally atypical of me. It was strange, but felt safe anyway so I continued. I tried demonstrating to Shirley over supper, but it felt really awkward and mechanical, absolutely different from during class. I wonder who I channeled this evening, my feeling is Kwan Yin, cos it was a feeling of super familiarity.

Hmm. I am thankful for all these teachings and the opportunity to learn from such out-of-this-world (literally) Masters.

I have deleted my Pokemon Go (repeat messages from Heaven over the last two days), and will concentrate on learning about life and serving my knowledge and the newly gained wisdom to the world.

*throw Razzberries* ❤

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  1. teaismyjam says:

    This is some really well written work and I managed to chuckle quite a bit while reading it even though it was uncalled for. 😃 Keep writing such good stuff. i look forward to reading it.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you for your encouragement! 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. teaismyjam says:

        You’re welcome. 🙂


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