Woohoo~ the pieces of the puzzle  are finally coming together. Clarity on granularity ensues!

So it was not exactly Kwan Yin I channelled, but Green Tara! I had thought they were the same! Probably googled this topic umpteen times, but it was only my curiosity from last night’s experience that I can finally comprehend the difference. Of course, it is only from personal experience and visual images from a compatriot that I finally accept the fact that they are different, and henceforth fact-mole-ing through many misrepresented information on the Internet to obtain the sensible ‘truth’.

It was also green Tara during my calm heart meditation both times. There is that fine difference between Kwan Yin and her, and there is also that knowingness of who is present. KY held my hand while I cleansed my whole house and filled it with loving energy, she has also held my hand through many other occasions when I needed help. The difference is, in fact, pretty stark. When green Tara is around, it feels like dejavu ~ I have done this before. When it comes from KY, it was a mentoring guidance energy.

How I knew that? Talented young lady YC saw the goddesses come in right at the beginning of class – Kwan Yin in the middle, flanked by White and Green Tara on both sides. Followed by the gurus, whom I did not sense last night. So the tall tall energy at the corner of my mat was Green Tara, thus the healing energies all around that corner. So was the one who spoke through me, that hand gesture and posture, my oh my, it is super darn familiar dejavu. I really cannot remember where I had done it before. This life? Or the past life? It is not me, yet in a way, it feels so me (another aspect of me).

Wahaha. So, we do know the difference.

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