With ease, Grace and countless blessings!

What an amazing day. I got two reversed cards, and one sort of warning pic today, and was wondering what is up. I thought it has to do with work, and was looking the issue from different perspectives. Ah well, did not get much of it resolved, cos I realized ultimately that I was barking up the wrong tree!

As it turns out, I believe, the cards were referring to some attachment/negative energies which the person I met helped me remove. Phew! Angel first saw it in my throat chakra, but May said it’s in my solar plexus. Wow whee, amazing people who can see and sense with naked eyes. So they ‘chased’ me out and helped me clear. Haha so I asked (esoterically) what it was, and where I got it. Shux man, it was really that moment of carelessness when I got excited and felt the moonstone jewelry at the stall of the essential oil exhibit. It was weird, my solar plexus started to hurt then, and I knew to walk away. No wonder I had been feeling breathless and unfocused on Sunday and Monday, and I did not sleep well despite diffusing sandalwood.

Well well well. Learning journey re-ignited! It has changed my perspective and the questioning has re-started all over again. Firstly, when an attachment resides in a person, it sucks all the energies and light. If so, what good is cosmic energy if it gets absorbed by the ‘thing’? Secondly, all these sage-ing and diffusion and incense only clear the aura, or can they help clear what is inside a person too? Thirdly, how long do protection mantras and shields last, since that minute (or maybe second?) of carelessness can cause such annoyance/inconvenience?

Enough of questions, here are some take-always from this incident. I learnt to not judge, to not wonder how a person can clear a possession and then bring something else into class again (hypothetically if it is she who brought it in), because sometimes it can really be that split moment of carelessness (accrediting benefit of doubt to her). I learnt that we really need to clear negativities, empty the cup so to say, before we can fill our Selves up with positive energies. I now know for sure how to tell if weird things have latched on – breathlessness, lack of focus, cannot sleep deeply, addiction to eating ice cubes, and feeling like my heart is petty and narrow. And constipation! I learnt not to let my guard down, yet I also know I have to open my heart. To figure how to do this is the million-dollar question.

I also learnt to ground. And that a grounded state is the kind of stillness that I always whine about “why no swirling energies today?” So we really need to gain the wisdom on what to manifest in our lives. I learnt that I can communicate with the first plane too, and I learnt that the kind of ‘contract’ or ‘energy exchange’ is really do-able – just take care of them with cleansing and sunning and lots of love and appreciation.

It was fun. And fruitful. In all sense of the word. ❤

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