My Miniature World

Dream big, I have always been told. But do remember, we are shaped by our view of the world. My world started in a tiny red dot which used to be 450sqkm and grew and grew to a 700sqkm. That is my country, my biggest world. Then as I grew older, it expanded in dots, by our school breaks to Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Genting Highlands, Kuantan, but usually just to Desaru. These are places in Peninsula Malaysia.

So when I moved to Australia for my studies, Boom! Big Bang Theory! My world went into disarray! Not all countries are their own islands and its own city’s Australia is an island on its own, with some offshore islands bigger than Singapore. I spent everyday catching up with how a city is a city, but it is not The State; I suddenly realized what a Capital City meant, the one that we were taught in geography/history. Hohoho. I went to national parks many times bigger than my country/city/nation/state/island. It was also there that I learnt where food came from.

Then I moved to China. OMG. This is a place where manymanymany of my city/country/island are out side by side, and people all shoved into central areas. It is crazy! How can there be that many human beings in this world? Is there enough oxygen? I start to understand why Chinese can stand so close to one another with skins touching and breathing another person’s breath.

That is the breadth of my understanding of how miniature my world is.

One aspect on the depth of my miniature world popped in yesterday, giving me a rude shock. I used to work on farming, my largest one being 70sqkm, making it a tenth the size of Singapore. Then came this strategic farming project, around 12 times that of Singapore, and I jeered at how the heck we are going to build that. I do know that in Australia and US, even private independent farms can be that big, and require airplanes to spray fertilizers. It has always been an awesome feat I admire!

Yesterday, we spoke about 300sqkm pineapple farm! It is a little disappointment when I googled and found out the real figure – the professor had exclaimed it being many times that of Singapore! Anyway, managing expectations, tsk, still – imagine half of Singapore (the almost 100% urbanized country). It has afterall exceeded the dream I was hoping / aiming for by  4.5times! This was when I wished I had a little home to crawl into, as I sheepishly grinned at them and said ‘well, the large scale farm project I worked on is 70sqkm … Which after hearing from you … ‘ *more sheepish grins*

Welcome to my Miniature World. But I shall grow out of it in miniature steps (at a large scale!! Hee hee)

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  1. Interesting to read. The bit about China standing too close made me chuckle. A friend is visiting China right away. I’ll have to ask her.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Please do! Tell me what she thinks/feels about being there. 🙂


      1. Okay. It’ll be interesting to know. First thing she thinks it’s a great country. Even me I think it’s a great country; too many everything: people roads, buildings, etc. I’ll get more from her.


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