Intelligence From the First Plane

Been spending too much time up on the Seventh, finally exploring and getting to know the inhabitants of the Fifth, working (physically) on the Second, and obviously living on the Third. You can know more about the different planes of existence here. First plane had always been a “chemistry was over since high school~” *blank* space for me, and I forget about the innumerous crystals I have, now that they are in little wooden boxes when I brought them home from Shanghai. Further forgetting the bags of jewelry I made here before I left for Shanghai.

Passion re-ignited last Saturday, when I introduced Ascension Crystals to Lady YC. Remembered that I am still short of three of them to complete my collection! How the Universe works – throws one topic down to earth: if we let it brush us by, it is goodbye; if we embrace its Grace, more things come alive! Somehow or other, Karin brought me to her cousin’s shop, the shop that G and I had been searching for everytime we go to Marina Square.

I do talk to my crystals, but it was more of the lalala monologues as I clean them. This time, I learnt to listen. Life is really about attunement – the constant attuning of our frequencies to match the world we are tapping into. I was asked to talk to XiaoKe, who sent a lot of wisdom my way, one of them is about Listening. And I sat at Victory, but he did not do any work while I sat there, until Angel rubbed him gently and said “Victory, please help Ping”. I could feel the motion of V’s energies, how it turned in a rotational manner, and then vibrated like an Osim massage machine. I spoke to a Tibetan quartz, which showed me a sword – it was offering me its service of protection! It is amazing. I spoke to many crystals that day, asking each of them what they can offer me. While this aspect of me remained untapped (till that fateful day), all the messages I received was rattled off to Angel, who confirmed their properties! Oh my goodness. Another whole new world awakens again!!

How often in our lives do we just carry out a monologue, and not listen to all the intelligence, knowledge, or even wisdom, that another holds?

How insulting is it to rocks and minerals, when we refer to dense people as “rocks for brains”?

I recall reading about a channelled entity (ascended master whom I forgot his name…) who lived in a crystal for thousands of years, so that he is in solitude to contemplate a certain idea/lesson until he found his breakthrough. How many crystals we hold in our hands carry that kind of wisdom and energies?

Of course, there are also the low frequency ones, as with human beings and animals on the Third Plane. Ten years ago, I used to join the uncles and aunties to meditate at nature reserves, and they would point me out to which section is low frequency and which is high. We would each pick a rock to meditate on, and learn something from them each time. I was scared when I felt the intense energies, and freaked out when they felt like ants encapsulating me. On hindsight, that clearly showed the lack of wisdom, or the lack of exposure and untapped wisdom. That was how long it took – a good ten years to realise the lesson!

Intelligence at the density of rocks and minerals. Has it changed your perspective yet?

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