Rainbow Sparks

I have been intensely living multi-dimensions and multi-planes the last few days, and finally rewarded with a breather to catch up on the dimension of writing now. I do not know when the integration is – integration of the material realm during sleep state, and then integration of the etheric lessons learnt during the waking / working hours. Wow. I am so impressed. Human thought is too linear, and it is so easy to fall into the linear trap.

Sunday was our reiki share, and it was blessings after blessings after blessings. The first person we sent healing to already stole the thunder! The very minute we started, I saw the descent of Kwan Yin and I was absolutely wowed out, totally honoured, and naturally overwhelmed with disbelief cos it usually takes me a while to figure things out. I was gazing in awe as she sprinkled holy water on all of us, with her signature leaf. Instinctively, questions popped up from me “wow, you are sending all of us healing too?!” and she actually replied “I am cleansing all of you”. Gasp!! She guided me on where to put my hands, and even showed me more tools on releasing. I started tearing cos I was so so touched by her teachings, and she acknowledged all my weirdo quirko questions. She even explained to me about release of thought forms, which had been plaguing me as I have been wondering how to shed light on alternative perspectives to people and could not attain any breakthrough in the mental realm.

When it was my turn to enjoy the love from fellow healers, I saw Christ energies again! While my physical body was enjoying the warm healing of cosmic energies, my consciousness went up to the fifth plane. He was in his white robes, but there was a table in front of him. I curiously asked what that table is for – it is not one you can call small cos it was tall and big compared to me tiny human, yet it is not huge like the Last Supper either, probably 1/12 the size of it. He did not tell me what it was for, and I believe there is a lesson behind. It looked like the Magician card, the table was exactly that size, yet there were no tools on it. So I probed further and asked if it was a podium, but it does not seem to symbolise that either. I was rather cheeky and negotiated for his help on the earthly material realm. What a silly endeavour. God is abundant, and so is His Son, I could have just prayed for it and I know I shall be given. Well, it does give me more faith to churn out my whole chain of thought and logic in his visible presence.

No wonder someone said she saw a monkey in my energies. She saw a monkey and a child. I feel the message is to let loose the child in me and be more playful and fun, cos that is my nature. And of course, the cheekiness that she (hopefully) did not see when I was up there in “deep” conversation with Christ, nor the good-hearted trickery up my sleeves. There are so many wonderful qualities of monkey here it is rubbing my ego into a bubble. It also means Change though. There had been repeated messages of Change that day, yet I cannot remember what else.

We had a small intermission, as we suddenly had to clear some dense energies out, and I ended up fiddling with the sage for a while cos it smelt so nice and the smoke was so pretty to watch. I think the energy slid out from her higher heart. The heart chakra was so nice and beautiful and soothing and wise, I even asked the Universe why there was any issue at all. It was a dense cold coarse energy when I moved to the higher heart. Another lesson learnt~ Teacher says higher heart is energy brought over from the past life.

We also attuned our crystals this time! They had a wonderful warming stay in Teacher’s pyramid for the duration of the reiki share! They came alive!! From the dull stones that I brought to her place, dormant or sleepy, they are now clear and bright with rainbow sparkles as I turn them in the light. It looks almost like everyone of them has a heart of a concentrated rainbow, a very distinct mirror in each core, surrounded by sparks galore.

I saw the rainbow sparks in my dream. I think they brought me to Egypt. Not surprising, cos someone saw the Ankh during my turn. So much learning, all in one day.

Thank you Teacher Shirley for facilitating such an enriching session!

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