Sleepy Friday

I love writing meditation stories, it just gets more and more exciting.



It is past midnight, so I was looking forward to bed after a strenuous workout this evening. However, there was a nagging feeling to write, even though there was nothing much happening to blog about at this evening’s yoga class.

Versatile Blogger Award

Wheehee~ Got my first blogger award nomination! I have gone public with my outerworldly musings only three months ago, and it is such great encouragement to be nominated by Sheryl and lodgerofarabica. Thank you so much, I am honoured. ❤


Urghs. The agony of tuning in to a half-told secret. It is like being to told jump and then stopped at the trajectory point before freefall.


My kind of stylish, in the most awkward manner from the outside while effortless from the inside, is looking up at the sky “Ooh, ultramarine and white”. I have no idea why I feel it is stylish, maybe that smoothness of thoughts of deciphering the world in colours?

Silence in my heart

So a big piece of rock was lifted and crushed to pieces and thrown away. Then I hear and feel the long silence in my heart.

Little Luxuries

It is such a luxury to be able to write – the ability to, and having the time to. How do other people vent and relieve the stress they meet and accumulate in their lives, I wonder?


Moonstone rock meets moonstone ring.


Why would anyone want to experience sadness? Heaviness? Pain? Imagine if we are all indifferent to these. How then would we know if we are, in fact, enjoying happiness, freedom, lightness, etc?

Energetic House-cleaning

Today’s was easy. I guess it was just someone who was in transit and needed to be shown the Light. Or maybe it is just a matter of getting used to the house-cleaning.

Cracks, Chips and Crystals

I know there must be a lesson behind. I feel it is teaching to me about dealing with perfectionism, or maybe how to be less careless. But I am a very careful person, so this carelessness is definitely symptomatic to the root cause that I have to address.

Word Exploratory

Exploratory, like a laboratory, is a place in my world where words get explored. It is my playground~

God wants you to be happy~

No story today, but that message just popped in. Zing! ❤ Great directive to hold on to, applies to all situations.

Repressed Emotions

I dreamt of a toilet. An urban toilet in the wild. A clean tiled toilet until I flushed it and it overflowed.

Discharge to Recharge!

Friday was 9-9-9 (Sept 9, 2+0+1+6), the astrological representation of endings and a time of clearing out the old so the new can emerge! Woohoo~ and so it did, so many brilliant new things appeared yesterday.

Pray for the World today

Alright people, let’s send our prayers to the world and to Mother Earth who has so unconditionally been taking on our crap.


Human eyes are blinded by norms and standards, that we look only for what is familiar to us, but absolutely missing the obvious straightforward method.


Life is so different now from my childhood days. We are now eighteen storeys aboveground, with less than a square metre of outdoor space to hang a single lantern, carefully watched over because of its open flame.


Plop goes my heart! Or maybe plop! went His heart. I got into an estranged bout of crying which arose from my feeling so touched and honoured by His love on one hand, and that disconnect between my mission and my current state of affairs on the other.

In Conversation

Now I truly get it – how life is not about the destination but the journey.

Asian Cakes

Their common denominator(s)? Coconut, either outside or in, or both. Pandan, an extremely fragrant herb/grass for almost every local dessert.


Sometimes a masked truth is better than the true truth.


We share sidewalks, not homes. Cultivate your own space and soul, and find your own identity within. You cannot find what is yours in someone else’s.

Melody of Advice

Sometimes they assure, sometimes they hurt, sometimes they are rudely abrupt. Sometimes they flow from one to another, sometimes they are played staccato. All in all, they are meant to strike a chord, a certain chord in the heart.

Sunning Crystal

I am sitting in the sun, enjoying the solar energies together with my Libyan stone.


My sis came to me yesterday evening and said “do you remember the psychic we went to who gave us a cassette recording?” “Do you know she said I will be working at a place where the world meets?” GASP!