My sis came to me yesterday evening and said “do you remember the psychic we went to who gave us a cassette recording?” Of course I do, I am still looking for a cassette tape player after a good three years. “Do you know she said I will be working at a place where the world meets?” GASP!

How did she know?! The reading took place in Shanghai, before my sis (or myself) had any plans further than leaving the country, no idea which country we will move to, not to mention which company we will work for. She is now marketing the best airport in the world. ❤

There must be a reason why she suddenly mention this to me, while at the same time, I read about Jen asking around for cassette player output to MP3. Synchronicity! It is a reminder to go through my reading again. Anyone with a cassette player to spare me?

This also resonates with my previous posts of the two cards I picked. It is a reminder of the reading Kara, Salinee and I did before I left Mae Sot. What it says – my work with Mae Sot does not stop there, and that I will be back to work with the community for a long time. There and then, I was so excited, “yay, I will be back to pursue the crafts with the Karen tribes!” which is my dream too. At the same time, my mentor was reassuring me that I can do something for the community there, I just need to find a financial model to make it work.

It appears that some light has been shed. That tiny beam is giving me hope that miracles do happen, and they can happen again and again and again in infinite abundance.

This is why we need to put our dreams on the table. So that the resources (and everything else) can be magnetised. Is that the blank table Christ showed me?



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