Melody of Advice

Sometimes they assure, sometimes they hurt, sometimes they are rudely abrupt. Sometimes they flow from one to another, sometimes they are played staccato. All in all, they are meant to strike a chord, a certain chord in the heart.

I see now, where my mentor’s coming from. I see now how her extremely cynical advice actually works in my favor most of the time. I see now that these cynicism are the essences distilled through her experience(s). I now see how it is that my brain always battles her words, but my heart always knows that there is something in it that my mind has yet to grasp.

Yesterday, I discovered, her experience (in number of years) is at least three times that of mine. If you multiply that by the hardship the *almost* pioneering generation goes through, it would have been at least five times. That gives a gauge in a lot of things, yet at the same time, this gauge cannot be applied to a lot of things. Tis be life ~ we all live our own journeys; and tis be life ~ we all learn together, and from each other. Different aspects, different stories, yet a shared journey (at times).

So I see myself dancing through the melody of advice, as the piece unfolds. *flips music score*

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