It was an unsettling night, as I was running a fever, and woke up a few times to flood my body with fluids. At one point, I might even have been hallucinating! Or maybe not.

I woke up with a very rude shock. Something / someone was trying to get into my etheric field. I must have been really oblivious to whatever was happening, cos when I saw the happening, Archangel Michael was already in the midst of pulling the energy out. I could see the whole twisting of the energy and lightning struck it hard, and I could feel the torsion in my auric field as well. How rude! I am so thankful for Archangels’ protection – Michael and Uriel beamed their bright blue and purple lights, and the whole space returned to stillness. Wow, that brightness is unforgettable.

My mom came to check if I was okay. That freaked me out even further. Did she hear the commotion? Or did I scream (I don’t remember screaming)? Or did she sense I was in “danger”? Mom had always been great at sensing unwelcomed presences. I mumbled something and went back to sleep.

Not happy. Not happy at all. This is not right.

It is okay when we share dreams, or when we playfully wake someone up for night class. I have been gently tapped awake by my teacher, my Teacher, my grandma, my spirit guide, or even an ex-boyfriend in dream state before. But they have all steered clear out of my auric space. Last night was different, whoever it was, was forcefully trying to enter my energetic space.

Why would anyone do that?????

I am curious to see if anyone has strike marks on them.

We share sidewalks, not homes. Cultivate your own space and soul, and find your own identity within. You cannot find what is yours in someone else’s.

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