Amazing how I can still sleep in spite of all the dreams and/or parallel lives I lead during the dream state. Everyday, I wake up feeling impressed by how anyone can still feel so refreshed after so much happenings in the night.

After my lamenting on how the heck am I going to fulfil my life mission, clarity came in the form of a dream. Another dream that I have no idea what it meant, until I started narrating it to a dear friend.

A group of young people were on the second storey of the space. I knew I had to get to them, but no idea how. I wandered around looking for a staircase to walk up. By any normal architectural standards, I know I should be looking out for a staircore. Plus, that place is not big to begin with. There was a core in the middle, but it is not a lift, nor do I see steps. Suddenly, I realised that is the cage to get up there. I squatted on top, and a pulley system drew me up to the second floor. I had expected a gate or a door that I can open and walk to them. Nada, there was just the continuous railings, with no openings, and I had to find my way crawling and climbing here and there to reach them.

Simple situation, but so many teachings hidden within. Human eyes are blinded by norms and standards, that we look only for what is familiar to us, tools we know how to use, but absolutely missing the obvious straightforward method just because it was not what we expected. Expectations is such a heavy word.

Step-by-step is also a human notion, almost congruent to our concept of scarcity. This, I will need to meditate or experience more to explain further. Or maybe, it is an ingrained societal concept that 一步登天, aka “one step to heaven”, is a ladened with negative connotations of wishful thinking. In the dream, I was seriously looking for a staircase, so that I can walk step-by-step up to the second level. So the cage-lift came as a tremendous surprise, and a timely reminder that Heaven has His ways of elevating us to that level, in ways we may not be aware of.

Finding our ways is the third lesson for me, in that when He lifts us up to where we need to be, we still need to use our own ingenuity and efforts to get to where we need to. We still need our physical senses and our (ego)mind to acknowledge and address the situation.

Hah, and the next day, the physical realm challenge summons the wisdom gained from last night’s class.

Will I pass this test?

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