Pray for the World today

The meditations get curiouser and curiouser.

I got my fair share of sleep today, possibly depriving others as I snored and sneezed, all unknowingly! I swear I only consciously snored (/snorted) once, and sneezed that only one time. I do not know where my subconscious, superconscious and unconscious were though, cos everyone else said I was snoring and sneezing a lot! *blush*

I knew I cried, cos during the healing circle, after just a short while of healing enjoyment for myself, the brain intent shifted to someone whom I had thought all karmic ties and links dissolved into the wind. It was indeed strange, cos I dreamt of him and his cousin last night for no reason at all. As usual, I cannot remember what the dream was about. It must have been hard on him, I do not even know what is going on at his end. Ah well, I suppose this is part of the “service to others” for being a lightworker?

I like the term light worker, it means I get to work light, no heavy workloads. 🙂

That is a light joke before I get to the heavy part of things.

As I entered the meditation zone, I saw Lady Nada coming down, and she said “Christ is not here today”. How strange, why would she be telling me this? I really was not looking out for him, nor was I going to continue questioning about the tiny table. Turns out that she said that not only to me. It was very very still today, and I was unable to connect to the top. There is something going on up there, and till now I have no idea whether it was a matter of protection that I could not connect, or whether it was too messy for me to comprehend and thus unable to connect. It was really really odd, we had the usual chakra balancing meditation which we lay down to sleep, and an active meditation which we send healing to ourselves and to the group. For both meditations, there was an obvious block to the higher consciousness. I had thought it was because I needed to clear out some thought forms that are holding me back, or to recalibrate some of my perceptions and perspectives of what lies ahead. Maybe that too, but there is something bigger than my little egoworld lurking ahead.

I was nauseated, so I thought it was another earthquake during our meditation. But my feeling is that it is something caused by humans, and at a catastrophic scale. The whole space up there was dense scary dark ominous red energies. Maybe it points to something like a huge explosion, gas leak, and fire. A lot of fire. I have no idea, as I have not read anything on the news yet. I heard shrieks a few times during the meditation, and the music sounded a little out of whack today. I seriously hope it is just the speakers acting up. It would probably be around 20:55pm SGT when I felt the nausea coming on. I still feel really sick in the stomach right now. “World peace” popped up post-meditation, so my other guess is it has something to do with international conflict? Oh man, I hope everything is okay.

Despite my disconnect, the ascended masters swung by to say their goodbyes before the session ended. That was how I found out it was Lady Nada! I saw the purple light, really really elegant bright glowing purple light, and the vibration was totally different from Archangel Uriel, so I asked fellow classmate who is ever-so-knowledgeable about the masters present. Yogi Bhajan and Green Tara bid goodbye too, and I was so touched, and felt so enlightened in that – I can finally tell who they are!!! #gratitudex10000

Alright people, let’s send our prayers to the world and to Mother Earth who has so unconditionally been taking on our crap.

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