Discharge to Recharge!

Yesterday was such an amazing day. I love weekends! And I love great friends!

Friday was 9-9-9 (Sept 9, 2+0+1+6), the astrological representation of endings and a time of clearing out the old so the new can emerge! Woohoo~ and so it did, so many brilliant new things appeared yesterday. ❤

Discharging the old started on Thursday. Friday was a day of questions pondering why-this-why-that, what-are-you-telling-me-really, has-this-not-been-over-and-done-with-ages-ago, which I suppose tied up all the loose ends to BURN! My mind was absolutely caught in that whirlwind of thoughts, and the system restarted on Saturday with immense clarity and sunshine. Recharge~

I now understand why that annoying dream appeared out-of-nowhere for no-apparent-reason. Thank you teacher Shirley for explaining that healing comes in the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. I now understand why Yogi Bhajan sent healing to me to send it to someone, and with such clear (but surprising) instructions. He must be helping me clear the last bits of debris, so that there is a nice beautiful fresh clean slate for the new person. *beams* and what a beautiful person the new person must be.

There must also be a reason for Lady Nada’s clear-as-skies appearance, and she will apparently be sticking around for a while! Yay, I love her bright purple. I love Uriel’s purple sparks too. My life will be purple brilliance for a while, I suppose. Atlantis~ woohoo~ Atlantis and crystals! More woohoos~ Remember the moonstone incident? I had a feeling then that my guy’s going to be a crystal guy. He is going to be so crystal that he is going to teach me loads about them and them vibrations.

So yesterday, we went crystal shopping. I had wanted to cancel on the excursion, cos I do not have much spare cash recently, and I know how crazy I can be in presence of crystals *blings*. Plus, I just bought some accessories a couple of weeks ago… I am sure they are well-invested though. Angel made great suggestions on what she thinks I need. I googled their metaphysical properties last night, and realised that almost all of them are for my (higher/) heart  chakra. ❤ So much love and healing, in that last bid to discharge remnant negativities.

Lunch was wonderful, I munched and chatted with the lovely group, despite being in my sleepy groggy Saturday vibes. Then we made off to catch the crystal shop before it closes. Uncle Johnson introduced us to his friend and the crystals. I was a little out-of-sorts because of a remarked he made earlier that caught my brain into another whirlpool, so I just walked around looking but not seeing anything. Of course I saw that good-looking friend of his, but I did not think much of it, cos it does not even look like a tinge of chance that he is single. I thought he was the boss at first, so I assumed he is already married, cos I had already heard their discussion on the ladyboss giving them discounts from last week.

So I continued with my dazedness, and whiling time away looking at crystals, and listening to Uncle Johnson’s briefing on them. Aesthetic indulgence is my occupational hazard, and I could not help glancing at him as we stood in a very triangular formation of discussion between him, Uncle Johnson and myself. I was absolutely mentally switched off, but just enjoying my eye-candy. So I have no idea how it started but he came around at some point and started showing me some crystals, and I started asking questions (yikes, probably not very intelligent ones!!) and we started chatting. It was so so so comfortable. Such lovely, clean, (soulfully) beautiful energies. There was also a super duper sense of familiarity. It was like we have known each other before, or more technically put, it was like I have known him before. That was probably the other reason my eyes kept being drawn to him, I was sort of trying to pin-point where I had met him before. I hope I had not blatantly stared with the super blank look of “where the heck”.

On hindsight, I was definitely the authentic me. Everyone of my earthly light team has been reminding me time and again, that the person will show up when I least expect it. And that I will be out with friends, enjoying myself, and then I’ll look up, see this person, our longing eyes connect, and this person will come and ask me out. HAHA. Okay, the last bit has not materialised yet. This scenario each of them described to me on separate occasions sounded too much of a dream, and I had always wondered how the heck can it even happen?! Now I understand, that is also why they always say “you will be with your group of friends, enjoying your social outing”.

Friends, such great friends, so much importance to the whole storyline. I can now totally understand why all these individual components are critical to have it spin out. Without my friends, I will definitely be looking out at the people in the same space I am in (paranoid security issue). Without my friends, I will not allow myself to be truly comfortable and authentically myself, i.e. let my guard down. Without my friends, I will still be in an absolute blur of what had just transpired at the shop!

They were giggling and teasing about the chemistry at the shop. It did not even occur to me that it was two of us they were referring to. Hah! And clarity dawns. The boss and the ladyboss are the Indian couple at the shop, I thought the ladyboss was the sales assistant! I realised that when I paid for my little stash, and the next correlation I got was that the guy is the salesman with tremendous knowledge of crystals, and I even gave myself a pat on the back for knowing that he couldn’t have been that shaman Uncle Johnson talked about. Oh my goodness, how badly wired my brain was that day. But I believe it was for the better! It is exactly how Self took over one day, and I found out things that I wouldn’t have known if Ego had been in control.

Yea, so we continued our gossip over coffee, and my dearest friends interrogated Uncle Johnson about the guy, while I blankly sat, smiled, and enjoyed the moment. The authentically blur me.

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