Watermelon Tourmaline

I just played with YC’s Egyptian deck, and I am stumped by how every card connects! It actually says I am not listening to my intuition enough. Which is really quite true, cos it always takes a while for my brain to accept (sometimes it does not even!) what baffles, but have proven to be true time and again. The trick to it is to ask for angelic guidance. Just these two cards alone (there are four others in this reading) brought me back to the dream I had last night.

The dream was indeed sweet. It feels great to be surrounded with comfortable, safe and loving energies. Energy without agenda, lightness without expectations, without demands, without outsiders. I can feel my mind censoring these sentences for their loftiness and for its cynicism. Ah well, reminder on manifestation~ we have to feel the vibrations of the hopes of how it would be like to achieve what we want to attain.

Here is how the angelic realm short-circuited the ego-mind: I saw two of us showered by an overpouring of watermelon tourmaline from Heaven as we basked in enjoyment of our shared energies. It was a pretty sight! Clear crystals of pink and green falling down nonstop like hailstones at slower speeds. Not exactly very romantic, but the most accurate portrayal of what I saw.

I woke up and googled the term. Woohoo, so there really is such a crystal, and in those exact hues too! Tada~ and the symbolism of it?  The Stone of Soul Mate Relationship. There were many other stories in that dream, but as usual, I cannot remember anything other than the crystal shower.

Ego is telling me that I am just being insanely infatuated out of boredom. Tsk, go away.


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