Cracks, Chips and Crystals

I was feeling rather upset this morning when I dropped my new heart-shaped rose quartz that Auntie at crystal shop gave me. It slipped out and fell on the hard granite floor when I stood up after wearing my shoes. It is new!!!! and it is such a perfectly shaped and smoothed heart, it pains me to hear it thud.

It did not break, but had a tiny little chip at the tip, and i think it shook its inside up a little, I could feel it. It was the same with the tibetan quartz, i chipped both of them and could see the cracklines, and one of them looks like they can split into two anytime. I am so upset with myself for such darn carelessness. These two were rough looking to begin with, so I was not that affected though it hurts to see that I was the one who brought the crack lines upon them. This heart-shaped polished one really hurts me, I do not usually have polished crystals, but this pristine looking one – oh my goodness, how could I!

I know there must be a lesson behind. I feel it is teaching to me about dealing with perfectionism, or maybe how to be less careless. But I am a very careful person, so this carelessness is definitely symptomatic to the root cause that I have to address.

So I found this blog post below, woohoo, it’s on wordpress too, making it so easy to bookmark.

I receive questions often about the effects of “damage” to a crystal, as we all now and then can have what appear to be “accidents” or wake up to new discoveries with our crystal friends. Today, after receiving another loving inquiry, I felt it important to share a little on this and what I imparted […]

via When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does it Mean? — Tania Marie’s Blog

Whatever the cracks, I am still going to keep this rose quartz close to my heart. It is so soothing and comforting against my skin. Although at first, I could feel some aches and pains in my heart. And the size is just right. It is two sizes bigger than all my other crystals, so maybe Auntie wants my heart to grow a tad bit bigger, and allow more love in. 🙂

On a separate note, I saw a violet and golden light when I woke up this morning. I was not even in meditation. It is not Uriel, it is not Lady Nada. Maybe Saint Germain? Is it normal to have so many ascended masters come by to say hello? Or am I in transit, thereby greeting hi-s and bye-s as they change shifts?

In any case, I feel so loved. ❤

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