Word Exploratory

Exploratory, like a laboratory, is a place in my world where words get explored. It is my playground~

Today’s prompt is a tough one for me, because I hardly see anything radical in this country that I live in, to have any comments or muse to spin a story. Yet, in a way, I, as a person, am so different from the trending cultures in the majority of this country. That does not make me a radical though. I am quietly radical in my thoughts, but I do not do anything serious (or useful) with it.

Non-conformist seems to be a better description. So does non-conformist refer to radical on a teeny weeny scale? Or does it mean we have a subconscious mechanism on self-censorship because our country-state has portrayed being radical as almost criminal? Too many things are ‘almost criminal’ here. Then again, does illegality makes something criminal in the eyes of the law? My goodness, my English is so poor I have to find time to dig deeper into the definitions of all these terms!

How about avant garde? Haha, it is like crown chakra versus root chakra. Avant garde seems to be more of experimenting and exploring the new, aka who cares what comes before? While radical is more lies in battling the grounded ideas and breaking away from them.

I love the daily prompts, it makes me think so much deeper into the use and meaning or words that we let slip our tongue ever so often.


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