Energetic House-cleaning

Just cleared an entity from my energy field this evening. I did it in my living room, as I feel safer with my parents hanging around in the same space. I told my mom about it very matter-of-factly, and she did not even bat an eyelid and remarked “it’s good you know how to do that yourself”. My personal epiphany came largely from her response on how much I can help the world if I pursue / continue doing this work. Dad sat there quietly eating his food without a word.

There was no anxiety or fear at all. Is my family really so used to all these happenings by now? I guess this is what happens when you have taken care of so many children and grandchildren, and highly intuitive ones for that matter. Maybe my mom is even mighty pleased that she no longer has to bring the babies to temples for blessings, or ask my cousin to help check out what is happening on the spiritual realm. I also found out that she sages babyboo when she senses something is amiss!

The last few occurrences were really good exercises and practice for learning when we are “off”-centre. I felt a little perplexed when my third eye ached for two days running, and my eyes felt foggy and off-focussed. It was also very telling when my heart and breathing felt tight and held back. Now my body has returned to normal, with clear breathing rhythm, and I can focus my physical eyes now. I can feel the vibrations of what I need to feel/sense/know again! I saged my entire room at first, since baby was chilling out in my room. I guess with the peripheries being clear, it is easier to identify what is wrong.

Today’s was easy. I guess it was just someone who was in transit and needed to be shown the Light. Or maybe it is just a matter of getting used to the house-cleaning. I am no longer pedantic about this (*yay*) as I realise there is really not much point worrying and being worked up and defensive all the time. It takes up too much energy and focus to be worth the while. I will just set out whatever shields convenient or available, and pray for the best~

I want to buy black tourmaline too!!


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