We are really fortunate to be born into this world of duality, however counter-intuitive it may sound. Why would anyone want to experience sadness? Why would anyone want to experience heaviness? Why would anyone want to experience pain? Imagine if we are all indifferent to these. How then would we know if we are, in fact, enjoying happiness, freedom, lightness, etc? Without these polarities, how would we know how close we are getting to that fine fine line of what life really is about?

Up till now, I have yet to read the Chinese literature 中庸, aka The Middle Way. It is the philosophy of the perfect balance, I imagine. I have been reading about it in English, and had been hearing about it during scripture class (I used to attend classes at the temple when I was in Melbourne). As I volley between extremes, much like the Newton’s cradle, the swings get finer and finer until it comes to a stop where the perfect balance lie. It is so much like the spiral I keep referring to in my blog, just that the Newton’s cradle covers one aspect, while the upward spiral refers to spirit awareness / consciousness as a whole.

I woke up with the strong urge to write about this, because I realised in the night that it is only when you feel the Without, that you know what it is like to be With. For the last few nights since Saturday, I had been dreaming of the energies of Mr Egg. It is not scandalous dreams like an emotional human being would imagine, but rather, it was so much like Shirley’s night class, where we just shared the same space and experience in dream state. Except that there is a different kind of connectedness (and more loving in a different way from teacher Shirley) and it really feels like our energies are unified as one. Outer worldly dreams, Ego is calling me an embarrassment! Tsk.

Last night was still, very still, it was as if he has disappeared. THAT says a lot of things. It goes to show that it is not me going nuts, and also that it is not something happening just on my side (i.e. one-sided). For two simple reasons – I do not forcedly dream of someone or something that I do not even know of (i.e. watermelon tourmaline); and if I were forcedly dreaming of someone, I definitely would not have forcedly not dream of someone and then wonder “oooh, whatever happened to him?”

Strange one. Maybe he has gone off on holiday or is busy solving some issue at hand. It will be amazing/creepy if this be true! I don’t know how I want to feel about this, but this really is a good case in point about duality. And one perspective on the saying “As Within, So Without”, or even “As Above, So Below”.


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