Moonstone rock meets moonstone ring.

So I went crystal shopping again yesterday. Ally brought me to a different shop, in a secluded part of a bustling shopping centre. I went there with a clear focus – black tourmaline, blue tiger eye, and watermelon tourmaline.

Ah well, 33% fulfilled. I managed to scavenge a piece from the pile. It was not pretty like those we see on the web, but then again, those on the web costs a bomb, and the pretty ones that do not cost a bomb are lab created. The teeny weeny piece I bought is the size of my fingernail, but the vibrations it holds is tremendous. Never judge a crystal by its cover!

Before that, I was prancing around the shop while Ally picks her watermelon tourmaline. Oh my, what caught my eye was something that I had really never taken an interest in until the moonstone ring. It is a moonstone rock! And it was calling out to me! Literally, I could see it lighting and dimming to catch my attraction, like a police siren except that it is in iridescent blue. I thought it may be moonstone in general, so I flicked around the entire tray, but it was really just this one. Of course I had to bring it home. They/we want to be together.

So I chitchatted with the shop owner while waiting for him to swipe my card. Ended up playing with more crystals, the super huge ones. Seems like he was holding back swiping my card.

And he was right! I found a tray of lemurian seeds! Oh man!!!!!! I had been looking all over the web for them. To think I found them physically! Another scavenge ensued, and I ended up picking three of them, while Ally helpfully summarized all the metaphysical properties of crystalsl, and ended up taking one too! hehe.

My oh my. Another reminder to why I should not step into crystal shops.

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  1. They always say you should pick the crystals that your drawn to. Loving the ring 💍

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup, and this one is screaming out to me!
      Thanks!! ❤

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